Comic strip


bottledWalter comic strip

1. Not the way to world peace

2. A Bonobo says Hello

3. Yahoo Misses a Beat

4. Everybody Does IT…SLOL

5. Palin for VP?

6. Talk About Misinformation

7. Who Said What?

8. Kim Jong Il is Ill

9. Taco Truck Taxi

10.  (flame) wars can be avoided

11.  Homeless Chic

12.  The Sunny Side of Freddie’s Fall

13.  New York vs. San Francisco

14.  McPalin fundamentally sound?

15.  Failure

16.  Priceless Facebook Excerpt

17.  An Anchoragean in San Francisco

18.  IM Status Can Be Misleading

19.  Depression Era Quotes #1

20.  Comment on Joseph’s FB Note

21.  Death of a Salesman

22.  Depression Era Quotes #2

23.  Tax Cuts for the Rich?

24.  Let’s Privatize Social Security

25.  Not Everything Makes Sense

26.  San Francisco Burning

27.  We Need A Strong Leader

28.  Das Kapital(ist)

29.  Fey-as-Palin and Palin

30.  Who’s Sane?

31.  Special Needs Kid Calls 911

32.  Not Another Mission Roach Coach…

33.  Sasquatch, Me and Sometimes You

34.  Gold, Oil, Vietnam and Iraq

35.  Pitbulls Shan’t Be VP Either

36.  Obama Wins Popular Vote

37.  Fifteen Minutes and Counting

38.  Which God, Which Century?

39.  $25 Billion (Not?) For Fuel Efficient Vehicles

40.  Cuban Screwed By Americans

41.  Citigroup, It Could Happen

42.  Gates Impressed By Obama

43.  Boston’s Hookah Hiccup

44.  Adam’s Block

45.  What Was She Thinking

46.  A Shoe For An Eye

47.  Yellow Snowcrash

48.  20/20 Hindsight Glasses

49.  Lost, in Translation

50.  Universal Health Care

51.   Fighting (Age) Discrimination

52.   Cereal Cures Munchies

53.   Cuba is Open Source

54.   Bottled Water Sucks

55.   Virgin TP?  C’mon Now!

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