MUNI shirts!

I’m also selling t-shirts and apparel based on MUNI, the San Francisco public transit system. I sell them through four brick and mortar stores in San Francisco

Brand Fury – 780 Sutter Street

The Artist Exchange – 16th and Guererro

MotoJava Cafe – 9th and Bryant

Mission Cliffs – 19th and Harrison (coming soon if there’s enough demand)

SoMe – Haight and Masonic

I also sell them through CafePress. They are a print-on-demand website so I can offer all of the bus and train lines. Go to the website to see them.

San Francisco MUNI Shirts

San Francisco MUNI Shirts - photo by Petr Jerabek (


  1. Hey there,

    I work for, a green media company here in SF. I would like to feature your Muni tee’s in our SF edition this month. Can you send me an image, 72dpi or higher, for inclusion in the piece?



  2. Walter, can you sell these on eBay? I think there would be a huge market for these online and if done properly, you could make a killing selling to folks who used to live in the UK, but no longer do.

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