Posted by: walnotes | July 6, 2007


Words: Walter Koning

I ‘m going to be wired
My time has expired
I really want to get called by the girl I admired

A gnat on my screen
That spider hanging from the awning
To whom shall I tell all that I’ve seen

The last of this coffee tastes quite bad
They’re closed inside, so sad
Where shall I got to show them I’m less than glad

I’m not mad
I’m not wired
But I am in a place to be seen

Cop car at the saloon
He’s an ogre-like goon
Best when seen in the valley of your spoon

My mind does wander
Light posts with candles on top
Changing colors, laughing at me
Visions of the plane going down
Only me to carry out the brand
What if the train had a man with a gun
I was already off but who would I tell
That ripple on the ground in the cement
It’s a boa chasing me
Dogs are fashion statements for those
Who don’t like fashion statements

I’m not wired, merely inspired

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