Posted by: walnotes | July 6, 2007


Words: Walter Koning

Would that be the ultimate in hypocrisy?
If Napster was shut down and the record companies began their own
Program mimicking that of Napster

I suppose not
If the records want to own their music, sell their music, distribute their music
What’s hypocritical about shutting down an enemy who never owned the rights
To the music

If the records copy Napster in most every way
Then they are infringing upon the work, potentially protected work,
Of Napster folks

That would seem the hypocrisy
The ultimate hypocrisy?
No way

What about the people who pray for their souls on Sunday and forget about
The soul protector for the rest of the week
What about the choice to protect nature while giving support to
Irresponsible companies
What about me telling you my thoughts and gripes
When I can’t back them up in my own life

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