Posted by: walnotes | July 6, 2007


Words: Walter Koning

Watching the waves crash against this rocky shore
I always come back hoping for more
I usually get it, this scenic landscape is mine to enjoy
Others may come here when I’m gone
But today and every day I’m here I feel that it’s mine alone
No one shall take it. No one will abuse it.
No trash will be left on it, because I’m the only one here.

Walking up this trail through the woods
I collect my energy and hike as only I could
The end of my trail is a few miles in
And I’ll hike it all, grateful for this serenity
The guide advised that going off the trail may be dangerous
An animal lurks in the trees and brush
Destroying everything in its path
And I better be careful
I say don’t worry, I’ll take care of my brother man
My words will be persuasive and my actions courageous
My fellow man will not continue to destroy all in its path
An animal, a creature instilling fear
Hiding in the brush

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