Posted by: walnotes | July 6, 2007

Long Ride Home

“Long Ride Home”
Words: Walter Koning

I want to eat pudding pie, or is it custard
Or is it chocolate mousse
I want to eat cheesecake with it’s sour cream cheese flavor
I want to eat pizza, stuffed crust, no, breadsticks with sauce
I want to read a newspaper, eat ice cream, drink a smoothie made
With yogurt and vanilla ice cream
I want to drink another beer, or do I want to socialize a little longer
I don’t want a cigarette break, just a chance to be outside for a few minutes
I want to walk to BART alone, with a babe, we’ll call her Mable
Mable the babe, walking with me to BART
I’m going to ride my bike a long way
Ski in the snow and sun
Dance naked in the rain someday when I’m carefree
I want to be carefree, not old and self-conscious, or young and
Self-conscious, or young and foolish
I want dinner, not McDonald’s, it gives me gas, not enough fiber
I’ve got to get back to my two bedroom, two bath, upstairs apartment
I’ve got to get a cat for my dog to play with, so to speak
I want to be Bob Dylan, or Buddy Holly, or the Jack of Spades
Or the Jack of all trades
Oh what will I trade for it?

I have time, to write when I sit down on BART
I want to type this stuff, and stuff it into a bottle
I want to create bottled walter and share it with many people

I want to figure out how to job the jobless, put them in a nice
Little binder and present them to the world
Wrap them in a nice brand and sell their value to any bidder
Train them to dance and sing so they can sing and dance
For anyone who asks them to

I want to celebrate diversity with a double tined fork
Feed my belly with the feeling of unfamiliarity
Feed my soul with the food of the world
I’ve got a newspaper under my seat
I’ve got food in my bank account
I’ve got ten more minutes before I can go
Before I can expand on the rest of what I have to share
Maybe I won’t share
I’ll keep it to myself
I want ten minutes from now to be here and gone already
That’s when I’ll bask

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